Regional Conditions

The Southside Planning District in Southern Virginia is located in the Piedmont region of Virginia along the North Carolina border and encompasses more than 2,000 square miles and three counties—Brunswick, Halifax and Mecklenburg.  The counties are in excellent proximity to large regional markets and have an outstanding transportation system, which includes an Interstate, U.S. highways, several municipal airports, and one regional airport. The region has an abundance of resources including edu­cational facilities, industrial and residential sites, medical services, outdoor recreational facilities and seven lakes: Banister Lake, Brunswick Lake, Gordon Lake, Great Creek Reservoir, Kerr Reservoir/Buggs Island Lake, Lake Connor, and Lake Gaston.  These resources enhance the area’s competitive advantage as an attractor of people and business.

Southside Planning District Commission

200 S. Mecklenburg Ave. South Hill, Virginia 23970

(434) 447-7101