Partners for Economic Development

The Southside Planning District Commission (SPDC) has worked with a number of different agencies and organizations in its efforts to improve economic conditions, utilizing the best possible technical and finan­cial resources available.   The following agencies and associations have routinely partnered with the Commission to achieve Southern Virginia’s economic development goals:

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • The Governor’s Office

  • Localities and Economic Development Offices

  • National Association of Development Organizations

  • Southern Virginia Higher Ed Center

  • Southern Virginia Regional Alliance

  • Southside Virginia Community College

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture - Rural Development

  • U.S. Department of Commerce – National Telecommunications & Information Administration

  • Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development

  • Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions 

  • Virginia Economic Developers Association

  • Virginia Economic Development Partnership

  • Virginia Department of Business Assistance

  • Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation

  • Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

  • Virginia Department of Forestry

  • Virginia Department of Health

  • Virginia Department of Historic Resources

  • Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals & Energy

  • Virginia Department of Transportation

  • Virginia Employment Commission

  • Virginia Tech

  • Virginia Resources Authority

  • Virginia Tobacco Commission

  • Virginia Tourism Corporation

  • Virginia’s Growth Alliance

Southern Virginia Regional Alliance (SVRA)


SVRA ( is a marketing venture by six localities, including Halifax County. These localities work together to market the entire region to prospective industries. The region has 17 shovel-ready sites to market ranging in size from 8 to 36 pad acres and a multitude of existing buildings including a 105,000 square foot shell building with 30' clear ceilings. 

Four Counties, Two Cities, One Future

Virginia’s Growth Alliance (VGA)


VGA ( is a regional economic development organization with eleven member localities, including Brunswick and Mecklenburg Counties. The alliance functions as a regional business recruitment organization and is a major partner in adding workforce development, entrepreneurship, and tourism functions for the area. The region is bordered on the south by Lake Gaston, Buggs Island Lake, and the state of North Carolina.


This 4,400-square mile area has a strong agricultural heritage and rich forest resources, but in recent years, manufacturing activity and service-related industries have prospered. With vast woodlands, abundant mineral resources, a plentiful water supply, and easy accessibility to metro areas in all directions, the region offers extensive economic development opportunities.


Southside Planning District Commission

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