Southern Virginia is unique in its mixture of rural character with modern infrastructure.  Recreational amenities abound alongside agrarian activities.  Relevant markets are within a day’s drive and major urban centers are just an hour or two away.  Natural resources are abundant and gas, water, sewer, transportation and high speed communications are all available.  The transportation and communications networks are particularly advanced for rural Virginia.


The Southside Planning District (SPDC), in partnership with its localities, has played a significant role in the

development of the Southern Virginia economy which extends well beyond Brunswick, Halifax, and

Mecklenburg Counties.


This report reflects the values exhibited in the Planning District regarding the importance of partnering with one

another, as well as other localities, to have a larger footprint and a more compelling regional message that

promotes Southern Virginia as a diverse destination for the 21st Century. As stated by one community stakeholder,

“You are competing with the nation.”


Several themes are prominent throughout the region, which is conveyed through past surveys, studies, and reports.

These themes have helped to shape an overarching vision, three primary goals, an examination of benefits and














                  This is the story of a strong, diverse region with a proud history, and a promising future.



Our Story

unique to the region, and then specific strategies that will make Southern Virginia a stronger, more vibrant economy and advance its vision and goals.


The story of Southern Virginia is about workforce development and providing people with multifaceted educational opportunities. It’s about tourism celebrating recreational and cultural amenities.  It’s about investing in each community which makes the whole region stronger and more attractive to businesses.  In short, the Southern Virginia story – which is so rich with natural resources, a growing labor force, and financial investment – is about land, people, and capital.  It’s about creating a unified approach that utilizes these assets to develop a skilled workforce and supply chains for related businesses.


Southern Virginia should be the location of choice for tourists and families, a young trained workforce and investors, advanced manufacturers and entrepreneurs.  This region stands out due to its natural beauty, friendly people, moderate cost of living, and access to two-thirds of the nation’s population within a day’s drive.  This translates into excellent market access through the transportation and communications infrastructure that are in place today, as well as an excellent quality of life for workers and their families.  


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