Commerce, Industrial, and Technology Parks

Planned industrial zones and commerce parks contain concentrated areas of land to accommodate manufactur­ing and business services.  A properly developed industrial park allows various industries to produce goods in a flexible environment, which is very important to the manufacturing community in terms of efficient production.  The effectiveness of an industrial or business park is dependent on infra­structure and land space.  Telecommunications infrastructure has become an essential need for a local­ity to be competitive. Sufficient capacity for water, sewer, and transportation are also of prime importance. Incentives are provided for businesses that locate in Enterprise Zones.

The Southside Planning District has several commerce parks, as well as, private Greenfield sites.  The economic development offices in each county and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership maintain a database of available property and land use characteristics to be used in the site selection process.


All of the Planning District’s counties, along with Virginia’s Growth Alliance and the Southern Virginia Regional Alliance, are utilizing the Internet to market available buildings and sites. The inventory is housed on a statewide database created by the Virginia Economic Development Partner­ship (VEDP) and is updated locally as availability changes:



Brunswick County IDA


Halifax County IDA 


Mecklenburg County IDA





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