Central Business Districts

Many of Southern Virginia’s towns have implemented downtown revitalization programs including Alberta, Boydton, Brodnax, Chase City, Clarksville, Halifax, La Crosse, Lawrenceville, South Hill, and South Boston. Revitalization projects focus on the physical and economic conditions of a downtown, including emphasis on parking facilities, streetscaping, traffic and circulation, pedestrian facilities, and storefront renovations.  An attractive and thriving downtown is important for the retail trade, as well as being a major factor in industrial recruitment.  Revitalization efforts represent a community investment that has long-range economic benefits.  New industries and businesses are attracted to communities that are vital and growing.  Fur­thermore, new businesses are attracted to communities displaying an interest in organizing and reha­bilitating existing local facilities.  A revitalization project’s success is dependent upon public participation and their concern for the future of the community while preserving its past.  That success is recognized by new industries and represents one of the vital links for a community to attract new economic ties and development.  


"A healthy, viable downtown is crucial to the economic health and civic pride of the entire community" 

- National Trust for Historic Preservation

Southside Planning District Commission

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